CEO Greeting

  Ernesto In CHEol Kwak
   - CEO of Bridgeover Co.,Ltd
   - Vice Chairman of KOTRA Global Business Consultants Organization
   - KITA International Trade Specialist


First of all, we sincerely appreciate all our customers for visiting the Bridgeover`s website.

We would also like to thank all of our customers for showering us with their unwavering interest and support.

Bridgeover operate an online platform providing solutions to help korean SME manufacturers tap into the global market and sourcing. 

We have been gathering best experts of B2B industrial products, who has built the foundation for Korea` trade and shared its growth trajectory with the economic development of the nation.

As Bridgeover is now a comprehensive business company that implements global businesses across all areas of the Value Chain, from trading to business development and investment, financing, raw material supply, and logistics, we aspire to raise our corporate brand value and continue to expand and innovate based on our business partners worldwide.

We will secure the future growth engines of Bridgeover by building a balanced business portfolio between our existing and new endeavors. 

Based on the vision of 'Experience never gets old', we pledge to do our best in creating customer value and enhancing our business value in order to take our company to the next level.

We look forward to receiving your consistent affection and encouragement for Bridgeover`s new beginnings.

Thank you.


Ernesto In CHEol Kwak

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Bridgeover Co.,Ltd


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Ernesto In CHEol Kwak

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